Playground in nature for all generations


Stoos Bergbahnen

Visitor guidance and holistic habitat concept

Stoosbahnen on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland put the new Stoosbahn into operation in December 2017. As a result, guest numbers doubled in the summer half-year.

Measures to guide visitors to the car-free Stoos became necessary. Associated with this was the task of developing ways to increase added value for businesses and enhance the quality of the living space. The implementation was carried out participatively in working groups with the client, citizens and interest groups.

What is special about the Stoos Bergbahnen project?

Coordinated with three personas, the definition of the positioning followed: Stoos is the PLAYGROUND IN NATURE for all generations. This was followed by the division of the experience areas into the three zones. Next came design proposals for existing pavilions at the summit as well as theme-related design and dramaturgy proposals for existing hiking trails in terms of visitor guidance. The result is a holistic master plan for tourism development and visitor guidance on the entire Stoos.

What methods/measures were used?

• Analysis of the Customer Journey "The Phases of the Journey"
• he four levels of experience: service design/contact points, storytelling, pathways/visitor routing, and attractions/"summit victory"
• Optimization of visitor flow guidance
• Development of a holistic habitat concept
• Integration of the existing guidance system into a new tourist visitor guidance system with illustrated orientation map and a playful orientation solution
• Product development

Your contact person

Renate Bauer

Head of Experience Design