Lübecker Bucht-

The most casual beach life in Germany


Strategy, brand development, app

What does the Lübecker Bucht stand for with such well-known places as Timmendorfer Strand, Scharbeutz, Travemünde? What is the quintessence? 

First, we went looking for the unique features, originals and specialties that the local people and hosts are particularly proud of. We identified "special recommendations," conducted interviews with experts, and analyzed the self-image and existing positioning of the Lübecker Bucht. Based on extensive research, we contrasted this with the analysis of the external image.


What was special about this project?

The key to the repositioning was a qualitative analysis of the brand perception of Lübecker Bucht via a representative online panel of the German population. With the help of this qualitative research, we succeeded in identifying the brand perception from the perspective of the German population on the basis of a real opinion. The result of the strategy and brand development - a clear vision for brand positioning as a value proposition: The most casual beach life in Germany can only be found here on the Lübecker Bucht. To accompany this, an innovative progressive web app was developed in cooperation with our sister digital agency HmmH.


The special app at a glance

• The application was implemented as a progressive web app.
• It is platform-independent, compact, can be used offline and is always up to date.
• Thanks to the agile method "Scrum" the development took only three months.
• Front-end development using React
• In addition to the frontend, a middleware was implemented that allows integrating different backend sources.
• The design of the app was created to allow multiple tourism agencies to integrate elements of their CI.
• The app, which is designed for all common cell phones and browsers, is accessed via the address www.luebecker-bucht.guide.

Your contact person

Martin Schobert


„Man kann nicht, nicht kommunizieren." Seit 2017 leitet Martin Schobert das Wiener Team von Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing. Er begleitet Tourismusorganisationen als Markenentwickler.