Expert Talk: Online Marketing for Experience Providers


14. December 2022 

Saint Elmo's gives an overview of how your destination can become a digital experience platform.

We are hosting an Expert Talk on 14. December 2022 from 16:00 - 17:00 on the topic: Online Marketing for Experience Providers.  

Destination marketing is constantly changing. People are no longer just about going on holiday. They want to "experience" something and try out completely new activities. In parallel, digitalisation in the leisure market continues to advance. This development is inevitable, as customers' information and booking behaviour is also becoming increasingly digital.

In our Expert Talk, we want to give an overview of how your destination can become a digital experience platform.

To this end, Regiondo will present its all-in-one booking system and show that both destinations and leisure providers benefit from it. You will also learn how you can easily create your own website for direct bookings with Regiondo and use OTA platforms as additional revenue drivers.

But how do users find out about the experiences in the first place and how are they guided to the booking systems? There are various approaches and possibilities, which are presented by Saint Elmo's Tourism Marketing: Successful positioning in search engines, promotion via social media, creative location-based measures and data-driven campaigns.

Programme schedule: 
16:00 - 17:00 

How to turn your destination into a digital experience platform
David Moliterni, Senior Partner Manager, Regiondo

Creative & innovative approaches for a successful application
Kristina Langer, Head of Digital Marketing, Saint Elmo's Tourismus Marketing

Making experiences findable with SEA & SEO
Olaf Nitz, Chief Digital Officer, Saint Elmo's Tourismus Marketing