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15. December 2021, Verena Feyock

Become a strong employer brand in just 30 days

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new challenges for our workplace, and competition has increased. That's why employer branding is more important than ever right now:
A strong employer brand creates competitive advantages because it attracts skilled workers and new talent, while also forcing long-term employee retention.

Do you want to get a head start and position yourself as an attractive employer brand? Then secure your spot at our insightful digital event on January 20.

Verena Feyock, Managing Partner at Saint Elmo's Tourism Marketing, will lead the Expert Talk on Jan. 20, 2022, from 3 to 5 p.m., featuring top-notch experts.  

Employer branding expert Emanuel Dennis from the Serviceplan Group will be the keynote speaker, using concrete examples to show how you can manage to strengthen your worker employer brand in just 30 days.

Valuable practical tips will be revealed by the following tourism experts from the coast to the Alps: Cornelius Obier, Managing Partner PROJECT M, Sören Hüppe, Insellust GmbH Borkum, and Mag. Mathias Schattleitner, Managing Director at Schladming Dachstein Tourismus.

We look forward to your participation and a lively exchange!

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