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25. November 2021

With the right data and tools, you can get insights into your website and all your online activities and campaigns. Our experts know how to collect your data correctly, reach potential customers better, and present your content more attractively. In a world that is constantly changing technologically, they are at the cutting edge. They know the best tools, are at home in the world of data, Google and algorithms.

Interested? We advise and accompany you - from analysis to implementation. Quickly, competently, understandably and comprehensibly. With pleasure and success.

Motion data & guest analytics

Which target groups are in the destination, when and where exactly? What is the purchasing power of the guests, what is the age distribution, what is the proportion of day visitors, where do they spend how much time? These questions can be answered with movement data analyses based on mobile or app data. Our experts know the data providers, the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches for the use cases, can visualize the data for you and support you in deriving recommendations for action.

We would be happy to present the topic at your site or digitally and discuss your individual approaches with this data.

Dashboard & Tracking

In digital marketing, data is the foundation. How must website, campaign, and social media data be collected, processed, and linked to make the most of it? Our experts implement the appropriate tools - from analytics accounts to tracking. In the process, they ensure that data protection is observed and that no spam data enters the system. If the data collection is properly organized, you can use reports and comparisons, displayed on a real-time dashboard, to optimally control your online activities along the customer journey.

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SEO-Check & Wikipedia

Being found on the Internet is the be-all and end-all. But how well is your website found? Are you already using the "right" keywords? What are your competitors doing better? Is your destination present with the relevant brand topics in Wikipedia, the most important research platform? Our experts analyze all this in a comprehensive check and support you on the way to more clicks, new visitors/customers and a qualified presence in Wikipedia.

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Olaf Nitz

Video editing

Videos grab attention and are still growing in popularity in a variety of formats. How do you design attention-grabbing cinematic short stories? Which story is best received in which channel? Our experts will guide you - from concept to implementation to deployment in diverse media (online, TV, social media, etc.). With classic recordings, moving images, animations, accompanied by music from our extensive, licensed music library.

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