Berglust Kärnten


Berglust Kärnten

Campaign to promote the Natur Aktiv offers in Carinthia.

In summer, the Carinthia tourism brand stands for vacations by the lake in connection with the sun and the south. The special interest campaign Natur Aktiv was also intended to highlight mountain expertise. 

Initially, the focus was on Carinthia. With an A-B test, St. Elmo's Tourismusmarketing showed that a campaign without direct reference to the Carinthia brand leads to better results. Thus, the landing page was created with the neutral domain and with the goal of making as many readers as possible aware of the mountain experience vacation in Carinthia and turning them into guests. 

What are the special characteristics of Berglust Kärnten?

The offers and topics are prepared and entered by the participating Carinthian regions. For a high content quality Saint Elmo's conducted workshops with photographers and copywriters. The originality and quality of the offers are in the foreground, the brand Carinthia is in the background - with the measurable proof: A campaign works even without a brand! To accompany the campaign, Saint Elmo's relies on a mix of advertisements in high-reach and special interest media, content promotion, social media marketing, and search re-targeting.


The success factors of this campaign

• Very good content, ensured through training and a content guideline for texts and photos
• "Mobile first" is the motto for the implementation and for all website optimizations. Mobile access is over 70 percent
• Accompanying media and online marketing campaign
• Regular monitoring and optimization of the campaign using a tracking tool
• Regular mid-term reporting for the client with figures and in-depth analysis