The alpine staging of ice skating on the mountain



Ice skating has always been one of the popular leisure activities in winter tourism. After skiing, it is by far the most popular winter sport among Austrians and is also practiced - Europe-wide - by many city dwellers.

ALPINE ICE uses this potential and offers a new range of exercise on the mountain. With dramaturgical staging of nature and technology, design, sport and entertainment, a new, modular tourism product on the mountain is created.

What is special about Alpine Ice?

The sophisticated technical concept makes ice skating at panoramic heights possible, combined with Nordic Ice Skating and Bumpy Tracks. The concept was developed by innovation and tourism experts Renate Bauer and Martin Schobert in cooperation with the market leader in ice technology AST Absorber Technology. 
Depending on the topography, the size of the course is variable. Space should be available for around one kilometer of ice trails with a maximum gradient/slope of three percent. In addition, there is a range of individually designable staging elements.


Saint Elmo's Tourismusmarketing manages these implementation steps:

• Feasibility study to analyze the technical and economic feasibility
• Submission planning with preliminary planning for routing and land use
• detail and execution planning
• cost calculation
• Distribution and experience concept such as rental, design, architecture, furnishing, light, sound, silent & WLAN entertainment, event play, course offer, local pop-up gastro concept, crowdfunding support, etc.

Your contact persons

Martin Schobert


„Man kann nicht, nicht kommunizieren." Seit 2017 leitet Martin Schobert das Wiener Team von Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing. Er begleitet Tourismusorganisationen als Markenentwickler.

Renate Bauer

Head of Experience Design